Collection: Spoon Bracelets

Spoon bracelets by MarchelloArt are hand crafted from a matching pair of vintage silver plated soup spoons.  Each piece is made by artist John Marchello.

Two spoons are cut down to length and bent into shape, then a spring hinge is soldered to hold the two ends together.  The hinge is soldered using a lead-free silver solder.  It sits underneath your wrist and makes the bracelets easy to wear.  Each spoon bracelet is finished with a high polish using a bio-degradable silver polish.

The sizing for spoon bracelets is as follows:

  • Small - 5-6 inch wrists
  • Medium - 6-7 inch wrists
  • Large - 7-8 inch wrists

Spoon bracelets are sold in specific patterns, which will be described in each listing.

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