Silverware Jewelry Info

What's the difference between the spring hinged and adjustable style fork bracelets?

The adjustable fork bracelets are made from an entire fork that's relatively easy to bend open and closed. They maintain an organic look from being made from an entire fork with nothing added and nothing taken away.

The spring hinged fork bracelets are cut and a small hinge is soldered to the underside using lead-free solder. You'll love how easy these are to wear. The spring hinges make the bracelets easy to open and will gently snap the bracelet shut when allowed. With the hinges, there's no need to wrestle with the fork bracelet to open it. And they give me greater control over sizing so I'm able to offer bracelets sized to fit with hinges.

What's the difference between your standard and premium fork bracelets?

Standard fork bracelets include all the designs that I offer that I can make from most forks. They are designed to be made from the widest selection of forks possible, meaning almost all silver plated forks work for them, including the stiffest forks.

The premium designs are my attempt at getting the most visually interesting designs from forks that are best suited for being bent. That means the patterns that work as premium designs are limited as most forks cannot be bend into these designs. Forks with long, narrow tines have a higher potential for tight, intense bending. My premium designs take advantage of this so I can offer the most sophisticated options for people who want a bold statement piece that can't be found anywhere else.

Shipping and Handling

What are your shipping options?

USA free shipping is USPS Ground Advantage (2-5 days). Priority (2-3 days) and Express (1-2 days) are available for upgrades.

International options are USPS First Class International (1-4 weeks depending on location). USPS Priority (7-10 days) and USPS Express (3-5 days).

What is your processing time?

As each piece is made to order, processing times are about 3-5 days at most. Orders ship out on Wednesdays and Fridays.

Do you ship internationally?

Yes absolutely! Shipping time frames and options can be seen at checkout.

Are international duties collected at checkout?

International duties are not collected during checkout at this time. Please check local laws for applicable import taxes. Import taxes are the responsibility of the buyer.

Return & Exchanges

What's your return policy?

I offer a 60 day return policy on everything I make. If you're not happy or something is wrong with your order, please reach out at returns@marchelloart.com

All items must be returned in the same condition you received them in.

Can I exchange my purchase for something else?

Of course! If you're interested in this, please contact me at returns@marchelloart.com to get started. There's a 60 day window for free exchanges and after that, all you pay is shipping both ways.

Silverware Jewelry Care

How do I keep my silverware jewelry shiny?

Each piece of my flatware jewelry will arrive with a deep shine. To keep your piece shiny, you can wash it as need with dish soap and water.

Storing silver jewelry in an air tight container or an anti-tarnish pouch will help prevent tarnish from forming while the piece isn't being worn.

How do I remove tarnish or polish my jewelry?

If you need to remove light tarnish or dirt, you can use a jewelry cleaner. These are easy and effective. While they don't polish the piece, they do remove light tarnish easily and effectively.

The easiest way to polish your piece is with a polishing cloth made for silver plated items. These clothes have polish in them already so you can wipe the piece with them as needed. Make sure to use a polish designed for silver plated items as other polishes may be too harsh and could remove the plating.

Sizing Information

How do I know what size bracelet I need?

It's easy! If you're unsure, simply measure the length around your wrist with a measuring tape or piece of string. The size guides will help you figure out which size will fit.

Do you offer custom sizing?

I sure do! Just leave a message when you checkout with your wrist size and I'll make your bracelet to fit. I add 1/2" of wiggle room by default but you can request more or less if you'd like.

Making Silverware Jewelry

How do you bend silverware?

All of the tools and techniques I use are developed in house. I use lots of trial and error to figure out how to achieve smooth, consistent and elegant bends in silverware.

Do you offer classes on making silverware jewelry?

I currently do not. All of my tooling and techniques are trade secrets.

Do you make custom jewelry out of my silverware?

Yes, I love to! Please reach out to me at info@marchelloart.com or see instructions here.

Do you buy silverware from customers?

Yes, please reach out to me at info@marchelloart.com with any inquiries.

Where do you source your spring hinges?

I get them custom made for me and I also buy vintage hinges whenever possible. It's possible that the hinge on your piece will differ slightly from the photos because of this.