Sterling Silver Fork Jewelry

These wonderful pieces are all hand crafted form genuine antique sterling silver hors d'oeurvres forks. These dainty forks are full of potential. Sterling silver is highly malleable, which allows me to create complex, beautiful designs.

This line of jewelry is all made from small, dainty and odd forks that lived their first lives in the recent past. Sterling silverware sets used to be completed with lots of small pieces for entertaining. Today, most of those have been eliminated as most people don't feel the need to have lots of really specific kinds of flatware. But they haven't been forgotten. This line of jewelry features these dainty forks in a new light by giving them a new life. The kinds of sterling forks used in this collection are olive forks, strawberry forks, lemon forks, cocktail forks and more. Each fork is filled with history and is just beginning its new adventure as jewelry.

Each piece is handmade to order and comes wrapped in a gift box.