Meet the Artist

My story as an artist began in 2010 as I followed the footsteps of my dad. He unwrapped his napkin at a local restaurant in Ann Arbor, MI. This gave him the idea to bend silverware into fork angels, which were the first creation in this concept. His first angels were rough but he quickly improved the technique. While I was in college, we joined together and started making and sell our art as a father-son team. Together, we refined the process to make smooth bends in flatware. As he aged out of the craft, I took the reigns and continued to refine the process of bending forks. The tools and techniques developed in house allow me to create smooth, complex bends that allow me to turn forks into designs that you won't find anywhere else. I am still refining my craft today to make the best silverware jewelry that I can. I hope you like what you see and thanks for stopping by!

Creating jewelry from old flatware has ignited a passion within me that fuels me as an artist. I hope to reveal the damage we're doing to our home by curating an economy that prioritizes profits over everything else. We can help prevent further damage by prioritizing production methods and energy sources that are clean and efficient. That's why everything I make is from authentic vintage silver plated or sterling flatware. I like to try to turn these old forks and spoons into something beautiful to inspire people to reconsider our habits. Recycling is a good step, but we also need to reuse when possible. My jewelry is all made from vintage flatware, making it reusing and recycling.

I strive to create a brand of purpose to protect the environment. By aiming to help realign the perspective of economic strength to includes goals of preserving the environment, we can create an economy that's good for people and our planet. Thanks for helping share in a vision that ties together our efforts to flourish with those that aim to protect the very planet we all share and rely on. I believe that we can flourish while restoring and protecting Earth.